• Artist quote: "I believe destiny always finds you. It may even give you a chance or two. What you can hope to be when that happens, is to be ready. Be ready to customize, improve and follow through. Because if you don't find yourself in your destiny, you will be its victim".

    2013 / Launched
    2013 / Lucid Sensibility at SpaceWomb Gallery NYC, group show
    2013 / Square Show at SpaceWomb Gallery NYC, group show
    2012 / Give Me the Future – Auction Fund Raiser for the Pediatric Oncology Institute,
                 Cluj, Romania
    2012 / North Brooklyn Boat Club light installation on water
    2012 / Art Takes Time Square
    2012 / LIC Open Studios
    2011 / Relocated New York City, USA
    2011 / @HOME, ZMart Gallery – Personal Exhibition Cluj, Romania
    2010 / CBS OUTDOOR London Long Copy Challenge – Long List Mention London, UK
    2009 / ART DIRECTOR Milano, Italia
    2009 / Relocated Milano, Italia
    2006 / BFA GRAPHIC DESIGN FIT / New York City, USA
    2004 / ART DIRECTOR New York City, USA
    2002 / FIT SHOW-OFF EXHIBITION New York City, USA
    1999 / THE SCHOOL ART LEAGUE – St. Gauden’s Medal New York City, USA
    1998 / Relocated New York City, USA
    1995 / CLUJ COUNTY PAINTING CONTEST – 1st Prize Cluj, Romania
    1994 / INTERNATIONAL PAINTING CONTEST – Outstanding Works Award Sichuan, China
    1992 / CLUJ COUNTY OLIMPICS – Special Mention, Ceramics Category Cluj, Romania
    1990-1997 / ROMULUS LADEA ART HIGH SCHOOL Cluj, Romania
    1981 / BORN Cluj, Romania

    Calina was born in 1981 in Cluj, Romania, during the Communist era. A time of distress and flattened personalities which the youth were unaware of in traditional terms. Now, an adult's scrutinizing gaze juxtaposes a child's innocent perception and comprehensive thoughts are formed. Revolution translates into personal evolution.
    The artist was initially trained in the fine arts at Romulus Ladea High School in Cluj, Romania. Years of schooling in drawing, painting and sculpting instilled a solid foundation and provided a starting point for imagination to run free.
    At 17 (1998), she transitioned to New York's metropolis where values were challenged and reinvented. Between 2009 and 2011 the artist traveled to Italy where she worked with wood as primary material.
    Initially captivated by color, Calina has, over time, experimented with different mediums from ink to charcoal, to oils and solid materials like wood and metal. Her work speaks of strength — in color palette or lines (brush strokes or material incisions). A statement will take shape in her representations.
    The I See You series focuses on the study of multiple personality development in the human being which happens as wishful thinking and desires are heightened by the high influx of available information. Destinies are perceived as made by oneself as opposed to predetermined paths. The end result is often a multitude of loose ends and unfinished business masked by success or failure. Our senses are continuously pulled into different directions and there is often not a single answer to the question who are we?